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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-04-12 13:21:12
Subject: New Pigs and Other

In the last week, we welcomed thirteen new pigs to the world. The two mothers were first timers but are doing remarkably well (they have not crushed any pigs and took right to nursing). John and I administered their iron shots and clipped their needle teeth with wire cutters. If you don't clip their teeth, they can hurt each other and it causes a lot of discomfort to their mother while nursing (which can end up in a lot less milk for the pigs). We expect one more litter within ten days. After that, we will start the whole gestation rotation over again, but this time we have a couple more females to add in. Three to four more females will be bred within three months after the current five. This year's goal is to have a new litter every other week. Next year we'd like a litter every week. Somewhere down the line we'll have to build some new housing. This week we turned in our house plans to our stateside missions pastor (Jim Pack) including a cost estimate for each phase. Hopefully we'll break ground on a new house before summer is over. Since the home construction was broken into phases (ie excavation, slab, septic, wiring, plumbing...), the hope is that if a team comes, they can help and/or fund the construction of a single phase. With a new home, we can begin to think about bringing in more house parents and eventually new children. Right now we are doing everything we can to educate eight children (all in different grades), teach English to neighborhood children, run the farm, the hardware store and cook for 15. Paula is extraordinary, don't tell her, but even she has limitations. We secured our tickets to the USA for a trip August 15 through October 9. The trip is meant to give our children a chance to see their relatives and visit with our friends back home. We hope to visit at the churches that support us. The Lord blessed us with a discounted airline that will take us to our family in San Antonio. They (Spirit Air) will start flying to San Antonio this month. We were thinking about driving but the cost ended up being more than Spirit will charge. Had it not been for Spirit, we could not have afforded to fly the six of us.
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