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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-04-24 13:57:28
Subject: Missionary Milkshake

     This is a recipe we actually created before we left the USA, but we make it a little more often down here in Honduras because ice cream is expensive and bananas are free on the farm. It is a low-fat (possibly no-fat), more nutritious version of a normal ice cream based milkshake. Actually, in all fairness to what Paula and I call "real missionaries" (those saints whom live out in the bush without electricity or running water), probably some of the necessary equipment will not be available to them. So, you might call it a lesser-missionary milkshake (kidding). Specifically, you need a freezer and a blender.      The milkshake is special in that it does not require ice cream yet it is every bit as creamy and the texture is identical to a milkshake. With a standard size blender, here are the ingredients: 4-5 ripe bananas (better if there is no green, optimal if mostly yellow with a little brown) 2-3 cups milk Optional - 1/4 cup of some sort of flavoring (chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup or a homemade version like we make)      First of all, there is a little preparation time if you do not have the bananas peeled and frozen. You will need to peel your bananas, and freeze them completely. This is where the milkshake taste and texture come from.      Place your frozen bananas in a blender. It is better if they are separated first (do not leave them in one solid cluster) so that they do not resist blending. Add your milk and flavoring. Blend on high speed until there are no lumps. Pour into cups and savor the flavor.       With respect to the flavoring: You do not need to add flavoring. Fruit flavored or chocolate syrups enhance the flavor, but you can go completely healthy without such ingredients. Since chocolate syrup and other such flavorings are beyond the budget of many missionaries, here is what we do: In a pan pour 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water and the flavoring of choice (ie 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup cocoa or something similar). Bring all to a boil. Before trying to make a milkshake, let this cool to room temp or refrigerate (or you'll end up with flavored milk rather than a thick, creamy, yummy, tasty, mouth-watering, did I mention delicious?, tasty milkshake). This will make enough syrup for several batches of milkshake. It really does not take much flavoring to bring the base missionary milkshake (milk and frozen bananas) to being sweet enough as to taste identical to an ice cream shake.      I've been wanting to post this recipe for awhile because it is a low cost, somewhat nutritious dessert. Besides, with all the money you'll save instead of buying a shake at McDonald's, you could easily fund the projects down here.      Next recipe: Missionary Chocolate Cakes using only grasshoppers, egg shells and used tea bags.
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