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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-05-03 19:44:40
Subject: Diesel Rationing

   The energy crisis came abruptly upon Honduras this week. Yesterday we ate dinner with our friend Dave in town. We were enjoying our time with him and he told us about some kind of gas shortage. A friend of his told him he had better get down to the station before they are out of gas. Turns out it was not gasoline that was short, but diesel. Right now the gas stations do not have any diesel. They get it every other day and people line up for hours at a time. No more than $10.50 (200 Lempiras) may be purchased at a time. Still, the diesel is exhausted within a couple hours.      Therefore our van, which is about empty of diesel, will sit idle in our driveway until this problem subsides. Thankfully the little pickup truck that we just purchased runs on gasoline. We can still run errands, but we cannot leave the home altogether.       RUMOR has it that the reason for the crisis is that the president is angry that congress did not pass his bill which would have prohibited every car from driving one day per week. We all lined up and got our stickers that indicate which day we could not drive, but the bill was never passed. Amazing, millions of dollars spent enforcing a bill that never became law. So, the president is angry and says that we do not have enough money to purchase (import) fuel. You might wonder why the government is purchasing fuel rather than Texaco or Exxon, but Honduras subsidizes the fuel, taxis and buses. They set the prices for fuel. When the prices rise too much, taxis strike. When taxis strike, they block the roads and effectively shut the country down. Therefore when imported fuel rises in price it means that the government must either change the retail price risking strikes or raise money to pay the difference. In this case they chose to do none of the above.
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