Current and Completed Projects

Chocolate Covered City

Our chocolate production is an ever growing, evolving project. The kitchen in our community building has become the permanent home of all chocolate production, to get the mess out of our kitchen. We are still tweaking the process, and quite the process it is. Our goal is to show the people of Honduras just how good their own cacao is. At some point we are going to need to invest into some major machinery. Right now we are using a machine to grind chocolate that was intended for grinding out grain for bread to feed a single family.

New Home and House Parents - Completed 2009

We've completed many of the critical projects on the farm. We realize that Paula and I are not sufficient to parent twelve children alone. We have a good start on the funding of the home. We believe with the funds in hand, we can lay the foundation and start building some walls. After that, we will need to raise more funding for the roof and second floor.

Small School with Community Kitchen - Completed 2012

We've begun schooling some of our boys and would like to help others as well. In addition, we'd like the building to also have a kitchen for lunch for the boys, families and people that work here. The kitchen could also be used to feed groups that visit.

Hog Pens - Completed July 2007

Most of the money was provided by a guest (friend) and his church. As of early July, we were wrapping up the doors and the roof. More pigs arrived July 16. We definitely needed the new rooms! We outgrew our current pig house months before.

Hen House - Completed April 2007

The hen house was completed in middle of the garden with a fence that separates the hens from the garden. We garden one side in the dry season and the other in the rainy season. The hens fertilize the side we are not using. We purchased 22 hens and four roosters when the house was complete. As of June, 27 chicks were hatched and we have enough eggs to keep us cooking! We would like about 40 more hens but we might just wait on the chicks to grow.

Water Well - Completed January 2007

We have been pumping H20 for two months now. Honestly, we feel a little guilty when guests come and we are able to pour our drinks right out of the faucet. It's safe to say that far less than 1% of Honduras can do the same. Still, we want to show the boys how life can be and how they can help their fellow countrymen.

Fences - Completed Summer 2006

We fenced off one of the old corn fields to use as pasture for beef cattle.

Fruit Trees, Pastures and Veggie Gardens - Complete July 2006

We planted about 120 blackberry plants, orange trees, mango trees and avocado trees last year. We've been transplanting some of the little plants that spawned off from the main ones (especially blackberries). We created an irrigation system to keep the plants and trees from withering in the dry season. God increases our understanding daily.